World Whisky A-Z

Over the next few weeks, in alphabetical order, I’m going to type into google the word Whisky followed by a country and let’s see what interesting things the internet throws at us.

First up is Afganistan. Not a country renowned for its alcohol production or consumption, so we will probably start off with something mature, tasteful and responsible

Nope, think again.

2. Albania

You’d imaging that the least modernised of all the European countries would be a country filled with beard twitching, folk music loving, donkey driving, spirit drinkers. It probably is, however it also has rave culture. Ministry of Sound recently held a festival in Tirana with Armand Van Burren.  One of the few places you could purchase tickets for the gig was Tirana’s The Whisky Bar .

3. Algeria

No idea what this is all about, but here is Black Moon Algeria perfroming Whisky Wah Sekeriny

4. Andorra

It’s a small mountainous country sandwichwiched between France and Spain. All goods are duty free so you can get your whisky dirt cheap. Insteadof showing us snow capped peaks youtube gives us 4×4’s struggling up dirt tracks. Hmmm

5. Angola

Our first country that actually produces whisky is Africa’s fomer Portuguese colony of Angola. Here’s a picture of the distillery

Sbell Fabrica de Whisky - Lobito Angola

But that’s not the interesting bit for Angola. More riveting is this tale of former British special forces and Idi Amin and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

6. Antigua & Baruda

John Jameson the Scottish founder of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey came from a sea faring family who battled against pirates (whether they were from the Caribbean or not). I’m not sure of the connection between Jameson & Antigua & Baruda but theres a cracking little video history of Jameson’s that comes up first page on the google search.


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