Whisky Comedian Podcast Islay Feis Festival

At the 2013 Islay Feis whisky festival Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson has a chat with two of the island’s most talented men, Bunnahabhain Distillery Manager Andrew Brown and Ardbeg Distillery Manager Mickey Heads.

Sat on the Old Pier at Ardbeg they discuss Feis Ile, the insipiration that other distilleries produce gives them (in particular the now out of stock Galileo) and sample two very different whiskies, the festival bottling from their closest Scottish mainland distillery (Springbank Gaja Barolo 9yr old) and the farthest away Tasmanian distillery (Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask).

Best of all, at the end they are all joined by Ardbeg’s family of 2 swans and 4 cygnets.

Earlier in the weekend Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson had performed his Whisky For Dafties show in Ardbeg distillery’s Old Kiln room. Massive thanks to all at Ardbeg and the Islay Feis committee for their hospitality. More details of Islay’s annual whisky festival can be found at http://www.theislayfestival.co.uk/music.php


2 thoughts on “Whisky Comedian Podcast Islay Feis Festival

  1. Cheers from the Sullivans Cove team, glad you enjoyed our humble dram! We need to get you some of the Bourbon Cask matured 47.5%, its cracking!

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