God bless Scotland’s other national drink

Irn Bru, what a bunch of fantastically funny fannies.

irn bru fanny

From The Scotsman:

SOFT drink giant AG Barr is to begin selling thousands of bottles of Irn Bru with the name ‘Fanny’ written on them.

• Irn Bru to begin selling bottles with the name ‘Fanny’ emblazoned on them

• AG Barr manufactured soft drink will also feature other Scottish names on thousands of bottles

In a follow-up to a television campaign that sees people drinking Irn Bru in order to cope with embarrassing social situations, Irn Bru have unveiled the risque packaging and announced other Scottish names would be appearing on the bottles, including ‘Senga’, ‘Rab’ and ‘Tam’.

A spokesman for the soft drink manufacturer said: “We hope our fans enjoy our limited-edition bottles of Irn-Bru, celebrating well-loved Scottish names which mean a lot to us.

“Deliveries have been made across the country for Scots to get a taste of Irn-Bru that they can call their own.”

The stunt bears hallmarks of a similar campaign by Coca Cola, where common British first names can be found on cans of the soft drink.

A televised advert broadcast last year, which drew several complaints, depicts a new father who looks on in horror as his wife announces they are to name their daughter Fanny.


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