George Orwell would not approve

With 8 distilleries Islay is Scotland’s most famous island for whisky. However although it claims only one distillery its neighbour Jura is probably Scotland’s most beautiful island.  Or at least it used to be. Sadly, Google, 2013’s equivalent to the Ministry of Truth, have decided to erase the island from history and cartography.

As you can see from this satellite image Jura sits off the west coast of Scotland, immediately north of Islay.

google with jura


Google maps however have decided that the island where George Orwell penned his literary masterpiece 1984 is no more.

google missing jura


Although strangely the A846, the island’s only road seems to float across the Gulf of Corryvrecken – home to the World’s 2nd largest whirlpool.


Jura’s inhabitants life their life under a veil of superstition. Google claim not to know the origin of this error, but their prophecy is that it will be fixed before the week is out. So before google decides that the Duriach’s whisky should also disappear grab some whilst you can.


Follow the BBC’s reporting of the story at




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