Edinburgh Fringe FullMooners signed bottles

Last night at a very special Edinburgh Fringe FullMooners benefit gig, the acts all signed 2 bottles of limited Edition Single Cask 16 year old Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky which we will be auctioning off later in the year during the Glasgow Whisky Festival.

John Bishop, Stephen K Amos, Phill Jupitus, Jason Byrne, Jason Manford, Ed Byrne, Brendon Burns, Phil Nichol, The Pyjama Men, Glen Wool, Terry Alderton, Andrew Maxwell, Sir Tim Fitzhigham and Lady Carol all performed in a benefit for Comedy Director Paul Byrne who, at the start of the Fringe, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Big thanks to the guys at Glasgow’s Good Spirits Co and The Creative Whisky Co for supplying the malt.

Details on the auction to follow.


Edinburgh Fringe charity bottle signing and auction



Big thanks to the guys at Glasgow’s Good Spirits Co and the Creative Whisky Co for these two exceptionally rare bottles of 16 year old Single Cask Arran @ 51.8%abv. Tonight at Edinburgh Fringe all the Paulmooners acts will taste from & sign 1 bottle which will be raffled tonight. And sign the other unopened bottle to be auctioned off during Glasgow Whisky Festival. Proceeds going to Paulmooners and A.N.other charity still to be chosen by the GWF people. https://www.underbelly.co.uk/node/5204833