Singapore Whiskey For Dafties

The lovely people from Magners are flying Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson out to Singapore to perform at the Singapore Comedy Festival 23rd – 26th April 2014

singapore whisky



Shows take place at 9pm in The Victorian London Pub 26/27 Boat Quay, Singapore 049817, Singapore   (Singapore River)

Tickets cost $25 and afterwards your ticket entitles you to stay in the venue and enjoy the Best of British Comedy show.

Here’s what Australia’s Heckler magazine recently wrote about the Whisky Comedian

After over three years touring his show Whisky for Dafties (Dummies), Scottish comedian and whisk(e)y enthusiastAlan Anderson is back with the next lesson on the world of distilled malts and grains. The hour sees the comedian introduce the intimate assembly to four differing drams of whisk(e)y, noting the difference and encouraging audience members to share their opinions.

It is a welcome relief that Anderson really does know his stuff. When he wanders off on a tangent about his favourite single malts from around the world it is clear that Alan’s passion for this poison knows few limits (except for the 60 minute time slot). Anderson uses the time he has to build on the knowledge of participants, gauging the individual level of experience which can vary greatly from absolute novice to seasoned taster – which is no mean feat. His irreverent approach makes the podcast show very accessible to anyone with little to a good amount of whiskey experience. However, it is clear that he had much more knowledge to share and perhaps a Whisky for the Advanced show is in order for next year – if so, sign me up!

It’s an absolutely fantastic way to kick-off (or continue) a night of drinking. Out of respect to the artist please leave all Christmas cakes and Johnny Walker Reds at the door.

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