Whisky A Day

Doing a wee Google search I stumbled across this youtube from the shows at Fringe World, Perth, Western Australia.

I’d forgotten about this chap. But what a story he has. He’s drinking a different whisky every day and writing about them at http://whiskyaday.com/ and Facebook .

365 drams in 365 days…thankfully it’s not a leap year.

So what exactly is Whisky a Day? Over the course of 2014, I am attempting to try 365 different whiskies over 365 days. Thankfully it’s not a leap year.

I’m probably one of the only people who made a new year’s resolution to drink MORE than last year.

The idea behind Whisky a Day is not just about trying a bunch of new whiskies or providing a convenient excuse to explain my boozey ways, but it is an attempt to further my understanding and appreciation of this fine spirit, a voyage of self-discovery if you will. Plus it’s about having a hell of a lot of fun, laughs and meeting some interesting characters along the way who also like to enjoy a dram.

My aim is to keep things pretty light hearted and not take things (or myself) too seriously. I’ll be posting some tasting notes for each whisky I try, plus through the year I plan to have a few interesting whisky-related shenanigans.

Read more about his time at Whisky For Dafties at http://whiskyaday.com/whisky-037/


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