Whisky For The Giro D’Italia

busmills bike


Cycling’s Giro D’Italia will start from Belfast this year. On Stage 2 the riders will cycle past the UK’s oldest whisky / whiskey distillery Old Bushmills

The night before they set off cycling daft Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson will be hosting a special Giro D’Italia inspired whisky tasting for the whisky club at Hudson’s Belfast.

The lovely people at the new Italian whisky distillery Puni are sending over two bottles of their single malt. We have no idea whether it tastes any good, but their bottles look lovely and better than that… HOW GORGEOUS is their distillery building?

PUNI - Italian Single Malts

PUNI - distillery

Italy’s Puni Whisky Distillery. Possibly the most amazing distillery building in the world.

Situated in the Italian Dolomites, Puni distillery is just 5 miles from the Giro’s toughest and most iconic climb Stelvio Pass.


There will be 6 whiskies to be tasted including, something special from Old Bushmills, something in honour of Ireland’s Giro winner Stephen Roche and hopefully something unique from the Isle of Man home of sprint king Mark Cavendish.

giro map


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