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Hae a dram, some cheeky banter and learn about Scotland’s greatest export with Glaswegian comedian Alan Anderson. Every show a new, unique whisky sodden tale.

“The best podcast I have ever been on” Phill Jupitus

“inventive, fun, a light hearted way to learn about whisky” The Scotsman

Glaswegian comedian Alan Anderson loves Single Malt Scotch Whisky and he wants you to love it too. Anderson has been performing as a stand up comedian for slightly over a decade. Likewise it is also almost ten years since his 30th birthday, when his friends gifted him 30 different bottles of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Iain Banks book Raw Spirit.

Since 2009 Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson has become one of the most popular acts at the Edinburgh Festival – not just with his sell out audiences, but with his fellow comedians. Every evening in late night shows or artist bars across the city, comedians eagerly await his arrival. What special gem of a whisky will he have secreted away in his courier bag for them to try? Thanks to his whisky passion and knowledge, as well as his seemingly endless supply of rare or deluxe whiskies, Alan has comedians queuing up to be on his whisky comedian podcast. Previous celebrity whisky tasters include Pub Landlord Al MurrayPhill Jupitus, Coronation St & Red Dwarf star Craig Charles Coronation St & BBC 6 Music star Craig Charles and Ed Byrne who enjoyed his whisky immediately after a near death experience high up an Austrian mountain.

But where has this supply come from? Alan’s shows are so well regarded by the Scotch Whisky industry he has been given support from distilling giants Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Dalwhinnie, Glenkinchie), William Grants (Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Grants) and Interbev (anCnoc, Balblair, Old Pultney) as well as smaller brands such as Big Peat, Wemyss Malts and Australia’s Tasmania Distillery. All of these brands, and others, have generously supplied large quantities of stock for Alan’s shows. Recently Alan performed his show at the Spirit of Speyside Festival and Islay Feis Whisky Festival in several distilleries including Glen Grant, Springbank and Ardbeg.


Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson has toured his critically acclaimed comedy whisky tasting shows across the globe from Scotland to Australia. In that time he has sold out two Edinburgh Festival and two Adelaide Fringe seasons.
These tours have not been without controversy though, in the run up to Edinburgh Fringe 2011 Anderson’s show hit the headlines when Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Edinburgh Licensing Board raised concerns over the show, worried that it promoted irresponsible drinking by giving audience members multiple free whiskies. Then in 2012, one month prior the the Edinburgh Fringe, US Publishers J Wiley & Sons forced Anderson to change the name of his show from Whisky Fir Dummies. So, four letter changes later Whisky For Dafties was born.

The Show

Alan Anderson’s Whisky for Dummies / Dafties shows take a loving, irreverent look at the world of whisky. The audience get to enjoy some whisky and learn about how it is made and how it has helped shape Scottish culture.

“The heart of the show begins when the whisky bottles are opened. It turns into a humorous lecture about the Scottish whisky industry that is far from dry and stuffy. Combining plenty of personal views with the facts, he provides information about the various distilleries and processes while inserting jokes at every opportunity.” Chortle

“Impressive, amusing, a bargain of a night out” Adelaide Advertiser

“Anderson educates his audience on the wonders of Scotland’s finest export whilst simultaneously keeping the laughs coming with some non-PC, quintessentially Scottish humour” Three Weeks

“Anderson educates his audience as well as keeping them rolling with laughter…. a warm and hilarious get-together.” Chortle

‘Creative, fun, lighthearted way to learn about whisky’ The Scotsman.

“Special thanks must go to Whiskey Comedian Alan Anderson who wandered the streets with rare Whiskey in bottles, hip flasks and Goatskins. Any time you felt yourself flagging and whenever you didn’t, he turned up with a rare single cask blend of heather-soaked barrell aged Glenlivermorangie or some such. Even on the slopes, he was loaded for bear, hunting down sobriety with an unerring eye and bottles of 80% proof. This is why clowns have red noses!” Hot Press review of Altitude Comedy Festival Mayrhofen.

“PROMISING a free whisky tasting with every show, it was no surprise to see the Austral’s Red Room at capacity for Alan Anderson’s weeknight show.
Mercifully, Anderson isn’t just some Scotsman who want to get drunk with you, he’s a passionate whisky enthusiast who absolutely needs his audience to learn about the magical amber liquid.
It’s not so much a tasting as an at times very humourous sermon on the origins of whisky, the making of whisky, the taste of whisky, the way to drink whisky and, why Scottish whisky is the best of all.
Anderson delivers lightning fast responses to hapless audience members who are treated to a taste of the much-lauded drink and, in between tastings, he regales the audience with one-liners and acerbic observations about life.
And then, he sweetens the deal at the close of the show, doling out that much promised tasting to everyone. A definite must for whisky lovers and a good night out for anyone who’s not afraid of a tipple.”  (4 STARS) Adelaide Advertiser

“a very funny and genuinely informative show. Anderson educates his audience on the wonders of Scotland’s finest export whilst simultaneously keeping the laughs coming with some non-PC, quintessentially Scottish humour, and by mercilessly ripping the proverbial out of those in the front row. It’s a riot, and while you may not get six whiskies, you will get a lot of laughs.” (4 STARS) Three Weeks
‘A pumping Scottish soundtrack and mantelpiece strewn invitingly with whisky bottles sets a pleasing tone for an absorbing hour of whisky appreciation. Scotsman Alan Anderson is no crusty expert from a dusty, musty whisky club, rather he’s a regular enthusiast on a one-man mission to convert a willing audience to his choice of tipple and, frankly, anyone is welcome. The energetic Anderson is inclusive and educational, a fascinating tour guide who jams in a surprising amount of history and geography facts – which are never dry – around tasting notes, a debunking of marketing tactics, and audience participation, all with a comedic twist. Everyone gets to try some whisky, even if several audience members have to earn their wee dram. Anderson occasionally strays across the fine line of acceptable with his audience banter – definitely unnecessary in an otherwise entertaining show. Funny, factual and free whisky? I’ll drink to that.’ Ripitup.com.au

‘ educate(s) his audience as well as keeping them rolling with laughter… a humorous lecture about the Scottish whisky industry that is far from dry and stuffy. Combining plenty of personal views with the facts, he provides information about the various distilleries and processes while inserting jokes at every opportunity… This is a warm and hilarious get-together.’ au.Chortle.com

Podcast Videos


With Ed Byrne


With BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Justice and others


With Phill Jupitus


Whisky For Dummies audience drinking Laphroaig



WHISKY FOR DAFTIES is available for touring across the UK and Internationally.

Keep up to date with what’s going by visiting our YouTube and Podcast channels or download us on iTunes.



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