World Tour A-Z

World Tour of Whisky

Over the next few weeks, in alphabetical order, I’m going to type into google the word Whisky followed by a country and let’s see what interesting things the internet throws at us.

First up is Afganistan. Not a country renowned for its alcohol production or consumption, so we will probably start off with something mature, tasteful and responsible

Nope, think again.

2. Albania

You’d imaging that the least modernised of all the European countries would be a country filled with beard twitching, folk music loving, donkey driving, spirit drinkers. It probably is, however it also has rave culture. Ministry of Sound recently held a festival in Tirana with Armand Van Burren.  One of the few places you could purchase tickets for the gig was Tirana’s The Whisky Bar .

3. Algeria

No idea what this is all about, but here is Black Moon Algeria perfroming Whisky Wah Sekeriny

4. Andorra

It’s a small mountainous country sandwichwiched between France and Spain. All goods are duty free so you can get your whisky dirt cheap. Insteadof showing us snow capped peaks youtube gives us 4×4’s struggling up dirt tracks. Hmmm

5. Angola

Our first country that actually produces whisky is Africa’s fomer Portuguese colony of Angola. Here’s a picture of the distillery

Sbell Fabrica de Whisky - Lobito Angola

But that’s not the interesting bit for Angola. More riveting is this tale of former British special forces and Idi Amin and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

6. Antigua & Baruda

John Jameson the Scottish founder of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey came from a sea faring family who battled against pirates (whether they were from the Caribbean or not). I’m not sure of the connection between Jameson & Antigua & Baruda but theres a cracking little video history of Jameson’s that comes up first page on the google search.



From the bottom of South America the Argentines have given the world Maradonna, steak, tango, horses and a really bad sing-a-long Madonna film. They have also given us the less intelligent half of Jeeves & Wooster aka TV’sHouse aka Hugh Laurie wearing a really bad shirt having a not so much a drum break as a dram break during one of his jazz concerts.

8. Armenia

The Central Asian former Soviet country of Armenia is not famous for its whisky or its cheese, however it does give us the most cheesy advert for a whisky bar ever. The Single Malt, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

However credit where it is due, the do love music about whisky be it jazz or folk.


9. Australia

The Aussies make whisky and by jove they drink whisky. For multi award winning comedian Ro Campbell if it were not for the fact that his Great Great Great Great Grandmother attempt to purchase a bottle of whisky in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket using a fake coin he wouldn’t be Australian.

The Aussies were innovators with wine production. This made farmer is an innovator / nutter in the world of whisky production by trying to make whisky from fish and chips.

Click on the image to watch the video.

10. Austria

If we were being lazy we could insert a joke about Austrian whisky lovers having cellars filled with 14 year old.

Nothing like a bit of nepotism. The Austrian ski resort of Mayrhofen hosts a comedy festival every year. At this year’s festival BBC TV funnyman Phill Jupitus got to enjoy some Old Pultney 21 Year old as part of World Whisky Day.

11. Azerbaijan

The oil rich Central Asian country of Azertbaijan came into the spotlight this year when it hosted Eurovison. Its capital city Baku appears to be a sparkly city filled with cash rich chaps and slender ladies. An ideal place to sell whisky? Well Azerbaijan is a predominately muslim country so not really, however they are renowned for making very high quality cognac. What do you do if your country has a centuries long culture for enjoying spirits but your religion doesn’t permit it? You create Halal “Whisky”. Alcohol Free Whisky WTF?

Part three of or world tour through the weird google world of whisky. You know the score by now. I type whisky and a country’s name into google and we see what whacky stuff pops up.

12. Bahamas, The

This guy is brilliant. I’d never heard of him before. He’s the Tipsy Bartender. Don’t know if he’s from The bahamas, but a lot of his tweets mention them. Check out his massive range of videos at

13. Bahrain

For most of us the most famous thing about Bahrain is that it hosts a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Johnnie Walker sponsor the Mclaren team, here’s Jenson Button having a chat about driving fast cars.

14. Bangladesh

This comes up 2nd on the google search. No idea what it has to do with Bangaladesh. But nothing else in that search of “Whisky Bangladesh” came up with anything related to both words. Apparently if you play this backwards and watch it upside down you get same sensation as drinking a half bottle of Sainsbury’s Basics Blended Whisky.

15. Barbados

So many videos to choose from for the Caribbean’s sexiest island. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a fearsome event. It’s the world’s toughest rowing race across the Atlantic. Talisker sponsor it because you must need to have drank a full bottle of the stuff when you agreed to sign up to this brutal expedition. Chapeau!!!

The World’s Toughest Rowing Race sets off from La Gomera to Barbados: The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge from Talisker Whisky Atlantic on Vimeo.

THE CORINTHIANS ARRIVE IN BARBADOS 48 Days 8 Hours 3 Minutes fromTalisker Whisky on Vimeo.

16. Belarus

Hugh Lauries is at it again. This time in a slightly better shirt.

Forget Hugh, here’s a fucking nutter skulling an entire bottle of whisky in one go. I wish there was a youtube of him 30 minutes later.

17. Belgium

After the crazy exploits of the Belarussians you’d expect the Belgian entry to be normal. Think again, they give us a dog pulling heavy weights!

Thankfully the Crazy Belgies also gave us Electronic music guru Kid Whisky. The Whisky Comedian is a BIG FAN.

18. Belize

Prince Harry went to Belize as part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour. He danced and drank whisky. Good on you my son (well he’s certainly not Chucks is he?)

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