Whisky Chat Show for Glasgow’s Homecoming Whisky Festival and World Whisky Day

Scotch Broth events match food and whisky on a molecular level.

Happily, there is less than a month to go before the Homecoming Whisky Month pops its cork.

If malt whisky makes your mouth water then the 5pm Dining blog suggests you cast an eye over the four whisky dinners taking place at Arisaig in Glasgow’s Merchant Square during May.

With over a hundred single malts on offer, the contemporary Scottish restaurant has always been a haven for whisky lovers.

To celebrate Homecoming Whisky Month, the restaurant is hosting four entertaining and informative dinners with Scotland’s national drink at the heart of each evening.

Sensory whisky journey

The first event takes place on Friday 9th May with Scotch Broth events taking guests on a sensory journey through the world of whisky.

Called the Malts and Molecules Whisky Dinner, the evening promises to be a fun look at the science of whisky tasting.

As well as sensory experiments, the event will feature a four course dinner with each dish matched to selected whiskies on a molecular level.

Scotch and wry

On Friday 16th May and World Whisky Day on Saturday 17th of May, comic Alan Anderson will be entertaining guests at Arisaig with a live version of his acclaimed, online, Whisky Comedian chat show.

Featuring a tongue-in-cheek but informative interview with top whisky industry professionals, Alan aims to get to the heart of Scotland’s greatest export over a delicious three course dinner.

Alan’s irreverent but loving approach to whisky has had audiences crying with laughter from Adelaide to Islay. Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, Annie Mac, Madness and the Top Gear team are among the fans that have enjoyed his whisky tasting comedy.

The Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson contemplates another dram.

Tall tales with Simply Whisky

On Friday 30th May, Simply Whisky will be looking at the stories behind Scotch; its provenance and the craftsmanship needed to create this fascinating drink.

With the aid of several drams, Simon Roser and Franchi Ferla will explain the mysteries of tasting whisky; test guests on their knowledge of the whisky regions and toast the amber liquid’s unique heritage.

All events start at 7pm for 7.30pm. Tickets all cost £55.

Simply Whisky like to look smart when dramming it up.



Mixing Mumford & Whisky is very risky.

A brilliantly funny Blog from Well done.

The future of whisky.

The future of whisky.

Diageo’s head chief of things Dr Ebenezer Plinth has announced that Mumford & Sons are to take charge of all areas of their Scottish distilling programme, all Diageo distilleries will come under the umbrella of their new leadership. The announcement comes shortly after the revelations in an STV interview with the band in which they declared an interest in creating their own whisky, twiglet-faced key pusher Ben Lovett said

“It’ll happen. It takes a few years to make, so we better get cracking.”

Dr Plinth said in a press statement,

“…natural instinct and knowledge such as that just can’t be learned, Ben and his band mates have clearly just been born with whisky hard-wired into their DNA, that’s why I’ve just fired Jim Beveridge, Nick Morgan, Caroline Martin and Keith Law to make room for Mumford & Sons.” 

Not as good as Mumford & Sons. At least in terms of whisky knowledge.

Not as good as Mumford & Sons apparently.

The move was instigated after the band implied that their whisky would need at least three years of maturity, a level that would keep it in line with their music and fan base. Marcus Mumford (the fat one) said after the announcement:

“This is great news for us. We’ve always wanted to make a whisky that would be suitable for the kind of muddy, ecstacy strewn shit fields we like to play. The kind you can imagine selling to an undulating crowd of surging media twats that will happily pay £5 a shot. This is right up my groove man.”

Mumford & Son’s first line of duty will be applying their natural flair for distilling across Diageo’s entire range of distilleries helping distillers to understand how to make perfectly decent whisky in only three years. Speaking privately in a really relaxed manner loo-brush faced Ted Dwayne said:

“I’m really excited, I think once we’ve done our first cask then that will probably be the biggest hurdle out of the way. Obviously the second cask is always tricky but we’ve got some really cool new ideas about where we’d like to take our whisky, I mean that the beauty of where we are right now and where you are after your first two casks, the third and fourth casks can really be anything you want them to be. Obviously we want to experiment with rapping, we spoke to Jay Z about it, he’s really into micro-brewing actually. Wait, are we still talking about about whisky? You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve just had a Tizer, I’m a little out of sorts.”

When pressed about specific initiatives that Mumford & Sons would be working on Dr Plinth said:

“…well the boys have some great ideas about where to take the Talisker Weather Series, I’m really looking forward to the next edition which will be called ‘Storm 2: Stiff Wind’. They’ve also talked about changing the Johnnie Walker portfolio by replacing the word ‘label’ with ‘babel’, they said it would sell more bottles because people would think it was their second album in liquid form and that it was cool because it rhymed and I’m not one to disagree with that kind of market intuition.” 

Seen here collecting the 'most bullshit, ill thought out, middle class thing to do with all your fucking money' Brit Award sponsored by Alex James and all his fucking cheese.

Seen here collecting the ‘most bullshit, ill thought out, middle class thing to do with all your fucking money’ Brit Award sponsored by Alex James and all his fucking cheese.

Peter Dinklage lookalike and lead Banjo throttler Winston Marshall has already outlined the band’s plans to record their forthcoming album in the warehouse at Royal Lochnagar distillery.

“Well we really want to fuse our two scenes together but also it’s common knowledge that musical vibrations can help make really mellow flavoured whisky. Our brand of soothing folk-rock is perfect for lending whisky that real smoothness that it should have. Also whisky is a grass roots industry, just like us, so it’s fitting that we should record in an environment that is totally all about wood and rusty metal things and dampness and shit. We can’t play in every warehouse that Diageo own but they’ve promised us that they’ll play our music through loud speakers during working hours. That way the whisky will improve but the workers will also have a workplace filled with chilled out vibes.”

Dr Nick Morgan said while waiting for a bus back to London:

” I can still pay the guitar better than all of them put together, even if you cut off my hands and dragged me to Sunderland behind a pair of flatulent oxen! Do you have any spare change?”


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